The report “FinTech in Poland – barriers and development opportunities” is a research project that was created in response to the need to conduct the first reliable research on this part of the market.

We conducted the research with the support of and the Center for New Technologies Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. 20+ fintechs and 13 Polish banks participated in it. We also took into account the perspective of the best law firms as well as consulting and technology companies.

The aim of the report is to define the current state of development of financial innovation in Poland and to identify key barriers and opportunities for further development, including proposals on how to manage them, in order to take advantage of the opportunity for Poland as a future regional center of financial and transactional innovation.

The report is a lens that brings together different points of view from different perspectives. All this in the light of our experience and knowledge, embedded in the global technological context and global market trends

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